Simply Munich and the Allianz Arena

Munich loves football and football loves Munich. Together with fans from around the world, Munich football followers are thrilled in every game. What brings people together more than celebrating a goal? The Allianz Arena isn’t one of Munich’s greatest attractions for nothing. FC Bayern, who call the Arena home, are a club with a long tradition and a legendary reputation. The positive perception of Munich around the world is largely down to the success of FCB in recent years. The architecture of the Arena is spectacular and a highlight for any football lover coming to visit. On clear days, the almost 3,000 inflated foil panels light up like a UFO and can be seen from the mountains. The club and stadium alike are staggering landmarks, meaning the Allianz Arena is on the to-do list for most visitors to Munich. With a guided Arena tour or a visit to the FCB Museum, they can immerse themselves into the world of the FC Bayern stars.

einfach München – The Munich way of life

It is the typical Munich way of life – the mix between cosmopolitanism and tradition, high-tech and down-to-earthness, innovation and serenity – that makes Munich so appealing to tourists from around the world. Then there is the easy-going welcome afforded to guests by the men and women of Munich. They are proud of their city with its arts and culture scene, its food, its shopping and nightlife areas. It’s a joy they share with Munich’s visitors.

Whether as a spectator in the stadium or a visitor to the FC Bayern Museum, the Allianz Arena is a Munich institution that allows everyone to feel the Munich way of life. The Arena is in the best of company with plenty of other landmarks in the city marketed under the brand “einfach München” (simply Munich) for the touristic future of the city. The three symbols on the brand’s logo show the strengths of the city: The pretzel for pleasure, the towers of the Frauenkirche represent culture and the heart symbolises the joie de vivre and hospitality of the people of Munich. The three together depict a European metropolis at the top of all areas of culture and of the indulgence in culture and joie de vivre that visitors to Munich can enjoy during their stay.

Strong together for Munich

“One for all and all for one” is not just an important motto in sport. Cooperation between the Allianz Arena and large companies such as Munich Airport, the Munich Trade Fair, the Olympic Park, leading restaurants and hotels, representatives of the retail sector and businesses of the congress and cultural economy of the Tourismus Initiative München e.V. (TIM) means Munich is marketed as an international destination and tourism continues to be promoted in the Bavarian capital.

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