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House rules and user regulations of the Allianz Arena in Munich-Fröttmanning

Upon entering the area in which the house rules and user regulations (HBO) apply, users and visitors of the facility acknowledge and agree to the following privately regulated house rules of the Allianz Arena. If the usage of the Arena was concluded via written agreement, the house rules shall be followed even after the conclusion of the contract, unless agreed otherwise in said contract. Prominently named contracting parties are obliged to inform employees and other persons, who are granted access to the installation in the context of the agreement, of the house rules and user regulations and to verify that the regulations are followed.

§1 Object
1. The domiciliary rights of the Allianz Arena München Stadion GmbH (MSG) extend to the entirety of the Arena premises, i.e. the Allianz Arena, the Esplanade, and parking areas (subsequently referred to as the “facility”).
2. The HBO applies to every person present in the facility, regardless of reason.
3. The MSG may exercise their domiciliary rights upon violation of the HBO or the domiciliary rights of the MSG.
4. The regulations and conditions that apply to the facility, especially those made by the organisers, are binding in their respective versions.

§2 Area of application
1. The area in which the HBO applies extends to the entire facility and open areas belonging to the facility. Appendix 1 shows the area of application, with a distinction between public and private sections.
2. The HBO applies to every person at every time (24 hours a day) from the moment the area of application (subsequently referred to as the facility) is entered.
3. The Allianz Arena is not accessible to the public; the Esplanade and parking lots are open for public use.

§3 Allianz Arena and open areas
1. Outside opening hours and on non-event days only people with express permission by the MSG are granted access to the Allianz Arena.
2. The MSG may demand a fine of 50,- € from anyone entering the Allianz Arena without express permission.
3. The taking off, flying and landing of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) is prohibited across the entire Allianz Arena site. 

§4 Instructions
1. Instructions given by the MSG and other persons given permission to exercise the domiciliary rights of the facility (such as organisers), including any members of the security staff employed in this context (inspection, security, and police services, as well as members of the police and other regulatory authorities), are to be followed immediately.
2. Persons who violate one or more of the regulations of the HBO may be expelled from the facility. The same goes for persons who actively oppose the instructions of the MSG or their inspection, security, and police services.

§5 General entry conditions on event days
1. Only persons authorised by the MSG or the event organiser are permitted to gain access to the event. For events organised by the clubs only persons with valid accreditation or a valid entrance ticket are permitted to enter the facility. The above regulations are of particular relevance concerning access to the VIP, business, and sponsor areas.
2. Access is limited to the buildings, sections, and public areas designated by the entrance ticket or accreditation during opening hours. The MSG or event organisers are permitted to withdraw entrance tickets or accreditation without compensation upon misuse of the tickets or unauthorised disclosure of entrance tickets or identity cards.
3. Children under the age of 12 are only granted access to the facility in the company of an adult.
4. The number of VIP tickets is limited to the number of available seats.
5. The production of photo, audio, video, or other media material for commercial use without express prior permission of the MSG or the event organiser is strictly forbidden.
6. As a clear signal against violence, racism, anti-Semitism, and other forms of discrimination the following items and actions are strictly forbidden:
a) Clothing, flags, banners, patches, and similar items with slogans which aim to defame people according to skin colour, religion, ethnicity, sex, or sexual orientation, as well as items showing anti-constitutional symbols or symbols commonly known to be extremely right-wing or xenophobic; the same goes for body art of the same nature.
b) Clothing whose manufacturers, distributors, or target groups are commonly known to represent an extreme right-wing or xenophobic stance.
c) Bringing material which glorifies violence or contains racist, xenophobic, discriminating, and right- and/or left-wing propaganda into the Arena.
d) Performing gestures or shouting slogans and paroles which aim to discriminate people according to skin colour, religion, ethnicity, sex, or sexual orientation in both content or form.
Persons who violate these regulations will be refused access to the facility, or will be expelled from the facility and will lose any possible rights concerning the refunding of entrance fees or claims for compensation. Other legal actions are reserved to the event organiser.

§6 General entry conditions on non-event days
1. An entrance fee must be paid in order to access the Allianz Arena. The Allianz Arena may only be entered by persons with a valid entrance ticket or valid accreditation during the times indicated on the ticket. For approval purposes the visitor must have the entrance ticket in his or her possession at all times. All tickets and accreditations are non-transferable.

§7 Entrance controls
1. Upon entering the facility every person is required to show their entrance ticket or credentials to the inspection, security, and police services, as well as members of the police and other regulatory authorities, without prompting, or, if so required, to surrender their entrance ticket or credentials for inspection. Entrance tickets can not be transferred after passing the turnstiles or other entrance terminals.

While on the facility persons are required to show or surrender their entrance ticket or accreditation to the inspection, security, and police services, as well as members of the police and other regulatory authorities, if prompted. Officials are not required to state a reason for inspection.

Persons who are unable to produce their entrance ticket or accreditation will be expelled from the facility by the inspection, security, and police services, or by members of the police and other regulatory authorities. Persons who have been banned from the facility by the MSG, the DFB, DFL organisers, the UEFA, the FIFA, and/or through legal decisions forfeit their right of access and are excluded from any and all events.

Entrance tickets only grant access to the events indicated on the ticket. The entrance ticket is no longer valid after leaving the facility. Possible misuse will lead to the confiscation of the ticket and the immediate expulsion from the facility; severe cases may require legal action. Illicit trading is forbidden on every area of the facility, and will be resolved in court.

2. Upon entrance of the facility and at any point during the event the inspection, security, and police services, as well as members of the police and other regulatory authorities, are permitted to search the clothing or items (under use of appropriate technical means if necessary) of persons who, due to suspicious behaviour or other indications, are suspected of

• violating a local or nationwide stadium ban on visiting sporting or other events,
• being under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances,
• carrying weapons or other dangerous items according to §5 of the arms laws,
• carrying other items banned by the HBO (such as pyrotechnical devices),
• endangering the safety of the facility in other ways,

and may confiscate and safeguard banned items. They may draw conclusions concerning alcohol or substance abuse. To determine whether a person is violating a stadium ban their identity will be verified via identification papers or ID card. Persons who refuse to identify themselves forfeit their rights of access.

Confiscated items will be stored in the provided depots by the inspection, security, and police services, and will be returned to the rightful owner on demand after the end of the event. Visitors who refuse to surrender the items named in §6, number 2 forfeit their rights of access and will receive no compensation for their entrance fees.

3. Visitors, who
- are obviously under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances,
- are carrying weapons or similarly dangerous items on their person,
AND#35;8722; are suspected of carrying an infectious disease according to the Federal Law of Contagious Diseases or the Law on the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases, or other dangerous illnesses, will be expelled from the facility.

§8 Usage of the facility
1. The facility may only be used for contractually licensed events in cooperation with event organisers, tenants, and other users. The usage of the facility is limited to the circle/number of persons and the purpose of usage stated in the contract/rental agreement. If the number of persons is exceeded – especially during events – the MSG or other persons given permission to exercise the domiciliary rights of the facility, including any members of the security staff (inspection, security, and police services, as well as members of the police and other regulatory authorities) are permitted to refuse access to excess persons.
2. Once inside the facility persons are to behave in such a way that no other persons are harmed, endangered, obstructed, or inconvenienced more than necessary.
3. The parking of vehicles, bicycles, and other methods of transport is only permitted on the intended spaces, as well as the Arena parking lots. All stairways and emergency exits are to remain clear.
4. For safety and danger aversion reasons visitors may be required to take other seats, even seats in other blocks, than noted on the entrance ticket if so required by the MSG or the inspection, security, and police services, as well as members of the police and other regulatory authorities.
5. The usage of telecommunication hardware, sockets, circuits, etc. is only permitted after prior consultation with the MSG upon payment of a predetermined fee.

§9 Opening times
1. The facility may only be used during opening hours and must be exited immediately at closing time.
2. Publicly accessible areas of the facility on non-event days will be determined and announced by the MSG.
3. Publicly accessible areas of the facility on event days will be determined and announced by the event organiser.
4. Usage of the facility outside the opening times, or the contractually specified usage/rental period, requires the written agreement of the MSG.
5. The MSG reserves the right to temporarily close the facility for maintenance and repair work, or other events. Contractual users of the facility are to follow the regulations agreed upon in their contract. Entering the facility during this time is strictly forbidden.

§10 Sections
1. Changing rooms, wet areas
1.1. Entering the changing rooms and wet areas, including any side rooms connected to those areas, is only permitted in contractual agreement with the MSG during the determined period of time. All areas and installations within the areas are to be used according to their specifications.
1.2. The above areas are to be kept closed at all times.
1.3. Smoking is forbidden in the above areas.

2. Offices and side rooms
The usage of offices and side rooms requires the express contractual agreement of the MSG. This includes the usage of technical installations, such as telephones, computers, photo copiers, etc. The furniture is to be handled with care and left inside the rooms.

3. Hospitality areas
Entering and usage of the Hospitality areas on non-event days requires the express contractual agreement of the MSG.

§11 Cleanliness/Housekeeping
All users and visitors of the facility are required to handle the facility and any equipment within with care and to keep them in good condition. Damages are to be avoided or to be reported to the MSG immediately if necessary.
No waste material, ashes, dangerous fluids, or similar substances may be poured or placed into the toilets, rinsing units, or sinks.
Waste material is to be disposed of in the intended containers or bins.
Relieving oneself outside the toilets or contaminating the stadium in other ways, particularly through littering, is forbidden.

§12 Advertisement and decoration
1. Advertising campaigns of any kind and affixing decorations or other items to facility property is strictly forbidden, unless:
It was permitted via contractual agreement with the MSG, including a clause obliging the partner to restore the facility to its original state once the contract period ends, or, in individual cases, via written agreement of the MSG.
Advertising campaigns include all actions – with no exception – that aim to advertise a business or brand, including those that are not granted separate fees, and thus risk violating the advertising guidelines issued by the associations.

The MSG or the inspection, security, and/or police services may prevent advertising campaigns and confiscate advertising material if necessary.

2. The distribution of flyers, advertising material, magazines, and other such items requires the express permission of the event organiser or the MSG (on non-event days), regardless of other official regulations.

3. Decorations and other items affixed to facility property as part of an official event are to be removed immediately once the event ends. The use of nails, hooks, and strong adhesives on facility floors, walls, ceilings, and furniture is strictly forbidden.

§13 Sale of wares, food, and drink
The sale of wares of any kind, the distribution of print material, collections, and the construction of booths, stands, etc. inside facility grounds is strictly forbidden, unless previously agreed upon via contract and under presentation of legal permits if necessary.
The distribution of food and drink requires the permission of the MSG catering service provider, excluding food and drinks provided by event sponsors.

§14 Liability
The liability of the MSG, including their vicarious and execution aides, is limited to personal injuries and, as required by law, cases of intentional and gross negligence. In case of a minor negligent breach of a major contractual obligation (cardinal obligation) liability is limited to typically foreseeable damage, as recognised by the HBO. In case of a minor negligent breach of an accessory obligation, i.e. not an essential contractual obligation, the MSG holds no liability. The MSG and/or the acting landlord can not be held liable for damages caused by visitors, users, representatives of those persons, or other third parties. The MSG can not be held liable for lost or stolen items, unless the loss of the item is due to negligent behaviour on behalf of members of the staff.
Visitors are liable in accordance with legal provisions. Parents are liable for their children.

§15 Lost items
Lost items are to be handed in to the appropriate services in the Welcome Zone West on the ground floor (Ebene 0).

§16 Storage areas
The grassy areas, hallways, and other high-traffic areas are not to be used as storage areas unless otherwise determined via contract.

§17 Emergency exits and emergency doors
Signposted emergency exits and doors may not be blocked, locked, or have their function changed in any way. All emergency exits must be kept free, emergency doors may only be opened in case of emergency.

§18 Driving regulations
In general vehicular traffic is to be avoided on facility grounds. Driving on the Esplanade and the large promenade is strictly forbidden.
1. During events vehicular traffic on the paths designated for visitors is prohibited, though exceptions can be granted for loading or unloading purposes. Only the MSG can give written permission. Active vehicles belonging to police services, emergency services, and the fire department are exempt from this regulation.
2. Entry permits for the security area of the Arena can only be granted by the MSG on non-event days, or the event organiser on event days. The entry permit is to be presented at the gate without prompting and is to be displayed prominently in or on the parked vehicle.
3. Driving on sports, garden, or grassy areas is strictly forbidden, unless written permission has been granted or in the case of imminent danger.
4. Stopping and parking vehicles is only permitted on the designated and signposted, and/or allocated parking spaces. It is forbidden to park on the streets and paths in the facility.
5. Vehicles parked contrary to traffic regulations will be towed away at the driver's expense.
6. Infringement of the above regulations will result in the confiscation of the required entry permit. Repeat offenders will receive a lifelong stadium ban and will be subject to legal prosecution.
7. The MSG and event organisers reserve the right to implement special regulations.

§19 Usage of car parks, parking lots and Arena garages
Users of the indicated garages and other parking spaces on the facility are obliged to follow the following rules and regulations:
1. Contamination with oil, petroleum, battery acid, or other substances is to be avoided or reported to the MSG if necessary. The costs for the necessary removal and disposal of the above substances will be carried by the perpetrator.
2. Users of the garages are obliged to follow the fire regulations that apply.
3. Common sense applies to the usage of the garages.
4. Only licenced, operational, and registered vehicles may be parked on facility parking spaces. Boats, caravans, etc. may not be parked in these areas.
5. Vehicles above 2.50 metres in hight may not enter the garage. These vehicles must be parked on one of the bus parking lots.
6. Camping or spending the night in the vehicles is strictly forbidden.
7. The following actions are forbidden in all garages and other parking areas:
• Lighting an open fire or other lights
• Smoking
• Storing, draining, decanting, or refilling flammable or environmentally hazardous items/substances, such as petroleum, oil, paint, old tires, batteries, fuel containers, etc.
• Closing off or blocking ventilation systems
• Keeping the motor running longer than required for entry and exit
• Performing repairs or maintenance work in the garages or other parking areas
• Washing the vehicles
• Using electrical equipment.

§20 Final provisions
1. These house rules are effective from the day regular facility operations start.
2. Legal actions against individual regulations of the HBO are prohibited, unless the regulation in question opposes other legal requirements.
3. This HBO can be altered by the MSG at any time and do not need to state a reason for doing so. Every new version of the house rules replaces and overrides any older versions.

Version 3.1 | December 2016

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