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Start of renovation works for NFL game in November

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The Allianz Arena will become the first stadium in Germany to host a regular season game in the NFL in November, and such a major historic event naturally requires some preparation. The first renovation works at Bayern Munich’s stadium therefore began on Monday, 13 June ahead of the game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Seattle Seahawks on 13 November 2022.

Longer field, bigger teams

There are two key points that distinguish a football stadium from one that hosts American football. First, the dimensions of the playing field are different. The field is longer and narrower in American football. In addition, the team areas have to be enlarged for Gridiron, where 65 team members now have to be catered for instead of a squad of around 20 players.

A hole for the goals

The foundation work for the field goals is currently under way. A hole about one and a half metres deep has to be dug so that the goals can stand securely. The exact positioning of the goals will then be measured by an experienced team from the USA. Finally, a cover plate with grass will be placed over the attachment points of the field goals in order to guarantee Bayern’s regular home match operations. Parallel to the conversion works in the goal areas, prep work will also be carried out at the edge of the pitch so that the length of the turf can be extended as needed. This also requires a technical extension of the undersoil heating system. Preparations for the expansion of the team areas are also under way, where some additional showers will be installed.

Further works in September

The majority of works on and around the pitch have to be completed in time for the start of the Bundesliga season. In order to keep to the tight schedule, further works will also follow during the international break in September. Works will also be carried out during ongoing match operations if, for example, data cables have to be laid or other infrastructure measures are required. Every spare minute until kick-off in about five months will be used to create perfect conditions for the first NFL game in Germany. Everyone is working together to prepare the stage for this massive sporting event.