For 2023/24 season

Allianz Arena switches to barrier-free exit in car parks

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Barrier-free parking for a faster exit after the match: the Allianz Arena is switching to an innovative system in its car parks from the coming season in order to reduce congestion at the exit. All the barriers at the exits will be open so that there’ll no longer be hold-ups because of closed barriers. Parking fees are paid as usual via number plate recognition.

How does the barrier-free exit work?

  • When entering and exiting car parks P1-P3, the registration number of your vehicle will be scanned in accordance with data protection regulations.
  • You can pay the relevant parking fee in advance via our homepage by registering online or via the Allianz Arena app. Please make sure that you enter the registration number correctly.
  • It pays to be organised: for those who register their licence plate up to the day before the match, the daily rate for parking on matchday is reduced from €15 to €12.
  • After paying, you can drive straight out of the car park, with all barriers being permanently open.

What happens if I leave without paying?

All vehicles that leave without payment of the parking fee will be logged via registration number. It’s possible to register your number plate online within a grace period of 48 hours afterwards and pay the parking fee. If this does not happen, you will subsequently receive an irrevocable payment request from a collection agency of € 20 parking fee with additional processing and collection costs.

More information

Information for visitors’ car park

Information for car parks P1 - P3

FAQ on barrier-free parking

    • Barrier-free exit, meaning no more tailbacks at the barrier.
    • The parking fee can no longer be paid by cash at the exit.
    • The registration number must be registered in advance online via the registration website or the Allianz Arena app - payment follows online the same way.
    • You can also still complete the number plate registration and payment online or in the Allianz Arena app with your smartphone during or after the match.
    • Credit card and PayPal are accepted as methods of payment.
    • You can pay directly via the SEPA Direct Debit system by registering for a "myFCB" account.
    • You can still register the number plate and pay for parking up to 48 hours after the match.
    • In the event of non-payment, a collection agency will demand the amount.


  • When entering and leaving the car park, the registration number of the vehicle is read. This determines who has paid and who has left the car park without paying.

    In case of non-payment, a collection agency will charge the parking fee including penalty and all fees.

  • Parking fees can be conveniently paid online in advance. This involves registering the number plate via the registration website or the Allianz Arena app, after which you can pay the parking fees online.

    You can also still also register your number plate and pay the parking fee with your smartphone during or after the match.

    Alternatively, you can pay by entering your registration number at the parking machines in car parks P1 - P3, but you should expect a waiting time of about 30 minutes.

  • Free parking is possible if you visibly place your official blue parking permit (wheelchair user symbol) for severely disabled persons with the symbols "aG/außergewöhnlich gehbehindert" or "BI/blind" behind the windscreen.

    The parking permit will be checked by the security service on site and you will then be given a QR code that entitles you to free parking in the multi-storey car park.

    1. Scan the QR code and redeem it
    go to the following URL and enter the numerical code (ID).
    2. Enter the registration number and you will be registered for the exit on match day.

  • Number plate recognition is activated when entering and leaving the car park. A camera automatically scans the number plate and adds a time and date stamp to the image. There is no permanent recording.

  • The camera only records the number plate with a scanner – a video recording is technically not possible. Neither the drivers nor the passengers are filmed.

  • With the aid of speed bumps, access is at walking speed and the number plate is scanned via the camera.

  • Only an image recording of the vehicle's number plate is captured, on which the time and date are recorded by time stamp to determine the parking process. We expressly point out that no video recording takes place.

    The data is deleted at the end of the payment and parking process. The registration number is recorded in accordance with Art. 6 Para. 1 lit. F DSGVO.

  • Only the registration number is recorded and scanned on entry and exit. Data about the vehicle owner is not requested. The number plate is only requested by the Federal Motor Transport Authority if there is a parking offence due to non-payment of the parking fee.

    If there is no parking violation, all data will be deleted without exception. All data is processed and stored in Germany until it is deleted.

  • There is no permanent video surveillance, only a photo of the number plate is taken and processed.

  • The departure process is made easier by the barrier-free exit, and there is also no longer a payment process at the barriers. This makes the exit smoother. The barrier-free technology with digital number plate recognition ensures automated processes and replaces the old barrier technology.

  • If the parking fees have not been paid, a parking violation has occurred.

    The parking violation will be punished with a contractual penalty; the holder's information will be requested for this purpose. All costs and fees incurred, including the unpaid parking fees with penalty, will be invoiced by a collection agency.

    Unpaid parking fees can be paid online via our website or the Allianz Arena app within 48 hours of exit.

  • Number plate data will be deleted after the relevant matchday provided payment has been made.

  • If you have further questions, you can reach us at: