Food & drink

The Paulaner Fantreff North: open all year round

Sample an authentic Bavarian snack in the Paulaner Fantreff North. Enjoy Leberkäse (meat loaf), roast pork, roast chicken or a fresh potato salad accompanied by a Paulaner wheat beer or lager!

The Paulaner Fantreff North is located on the third level next to staircase M and is open every day from 10:00 to 18:00. Hot food is served until 17:00. In the summer months, from 1 July to 19 August, the opening times are 09:00 to 18:00 (limited food menu during the first hour).


Pretzel €2.90

Pork escalope with potato and gerken salad €7.20
Roast pork with potato and gerken salad €7.20
Leberkäse with potato and gerken salad €6.90
Chilli Leberkäse with potato and gerken salad €6.90
Pizza Leberkäse with potato and gerken salad €6.90

Pork escalope in a roll €3.80
Pork escalope with fresh horseradish in a roll €3.80
Leberkäse roll €3.20
Chilli Leberkäse roll €3.20
Pizza Leberkäse roll €3.20

Currywurst roll €4.90
Pulled pork roll with cheese sauce €4.90

Doughnut €2.50
Tray bake €2.90

Light breakfast

Hazelnut croissant €1.80

Soft drinks:

Coca Cola, Light, Zero 0.33l €2.50
Fanta, Sprite, Mezzo 0.33l €2.50
Lift fizzy apple 0.33l €2.50
Iced tea 0.5l €2.50
Fruit juice 0.33l €2.50


Paulaner wheat beer 0.5l €4.50
Paulaner wheat beer alcohol-free/light/dark 0.5l €4.50
Paulaner lager/shandy 0.5l €4.40

Hot drinks:

Espresso €1.80
Coffee €3.30
Cappuccino/latte €3.30
Hot chocolate €3.30
Tea €3.00