Right on schedule

Renovation works during the summer break progressing quickly

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Preparation works inside the Allianz Arena have been in full swing for about three weeks so that it can be the first stadium in Germany to host a regular-season NFL game in November. So far, all construction measures are fully on schedule so that nothing stands in the way of the kick-off for the new season, the Allianz FC Bayern Team Presentation on 16 July - an overview:

Foundations for field goals ready

All the work for the field goals has already been completed. For this, a foundation was sunk into the ground. The surveying work for this was carried out directly by representatives of the NFL. At the same time, the frame for the football goals, which had previously been set in concrete, was replaced so that it would be easier to switch between the two goal variants in the future.

The preparatory work for the extension of the field is still in ongoing. The extension of the undersoil heating system has already been laid in the ground in front of the South Stand. A special layer of sand (drainage layer) is now being poured over it and then the substructure (turf base layer) for the turf is being spread and prepared so that the turf can be rolled out accordingly. In the north, preparatory work is still under way so that the undersoil heating can be laid in the ground. For this purpose, new hoses are being connected to the existing system. In the course of the pitch extension, other areas behind the goal had to be adjusted to turf level. Sprinkler systems had to be moved to the rear and asphalt work had to be carried out in the stands.

Expansion of substitute benches

The expansion of the dugout area is not related to the NFL rebuilds, but was also moved to the summer break due to the extensive rebuilding work. The benches were extended on both halves of the pitch. Prefabricated concrete sections, each six metres long, were connected to the existing benches, so that there are now 27 seats on each side. After the extension, the bench has a total length of 44 metres. The roof extension work for the substitute benches has already been completed as well. The wiring work for the benches is under way, and the artificial turf underneath has already been re-laid. Finally, the coach's bench is being painted on the inside and the chairs are being installed and connected to the seat heating. So, the finishing touches are slowly being put in place.

All renovation work should be completed by the Allianz FC Bayern Team Presentation on 16 July: