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Price changes in Arena car parks

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Allianz Arena München Stadion GmbH must increase the charges for parking in the multi-storey car parks on matchdays from 1 January 2023. This is the first price adjustment of this kind for FC Bayern's home matches since 2007 and only affects single parking tickets. Outside of matchdays, the cost of parking tickets will remain unchanged for the majority of visitors.

"Parking charges on matchdays have remained stable for 15 years, but unfortunately we have to take into account the increased operating costs," explained Jürgen Muth, Allianz Arena managing director. "We regret this very much. At the same time, we'd like to emphasise that all those who book their parking in advance will do so with a price increase of €2 instead of €5."

Tickets conveniently purchased via the Allianz Arena's online portal up to the day before the home match will thus be available for €12 instead of the previous €10 from next year onwards. The prices for a season parking ticket and for buses will remain the same.

Matchday parking charges from 1 January 2023:

Car matchday:

  • Single parking ticket via number plate recognition up to the day before the match: €12 (increase: €2)
  • Single parking ticket via number plate recognition on matchday: €15 (increase: €5)
  • Cash payment on exit (without number plate recognition): €20 (increase: €10)

Buses matchday:

  • Parking ticket buses: €25 (unchanged)
  • Parking ticket minibuses: €20 (increase: €5)

On non-matchdays, parking charges for cars will remain at €5. Parking charges will only increase by €5 for buses and motor homes.

Cars/motorbikes non-matchdays:

  • Single parking ticket €5 (unchanged, 45 minutes free)

Buses and motor homes non-matchdays:

  • Single parking ticket €20 (increase: €5)
  • Overnight flat fee motor homes: €20 (increase: €5)