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Information and tips on getting to München-Fröttmaning, Werner-Heisenberg-Allee 25

There are many ways to get to the Allianz Arena in München-Fröttmaning – from bike through to the underground. Cars, buses and motorbikes access the new temple of football via the motorway. You’ll find details below on how to get to the Arena by any means of transport. 

The Allianz Arena is located outside the low-emission zone.

Information and tips on getting to München-Fröttmaning on non-matchdays: we recommend early travel due to potentially heavy traffic near the Allianz Arena.

  • The public transport services offered by the Munich transportation authority (Münchner Verkehrs- und Tarifverbund, MVV) will get you to the Allianz Arena comfortably and safely. Take the S-Bahn from Munich Main Station or Munich East Station to Marienplatz, a central transfer hub, it only takes a few minutes. From there take the U6 light rail line (in the direction of Garching-Forschungszentrum) to Fröttmaning.

    Underground and P+R information

    Münchner Verkehrs- und Tarifverbund (MVV)

    MVV timetable information

    Public transport from Munich airport

  • We strongly recommend that visitors travelling by bus or car follow the signs in the city centre as well as on the motorways and parking areas. Once in the stadium area, please use all available lanes to get to the parking lots.

    • Coming from the west via the A8 (Stuttgart - Munich) change to the A99 at the motorway junction Munich-Eschenried and follow it to the exit at Munich-Fröttmaning-North (AS 12b).
    • Coming from the north via the A9 from Nuremberg to Munich follow the directions given at Neufahrn motorway junction, either following the A9 to Munich-Fröttmaning-South (AS 73) exit or via the A 92 to Munich-Feldmoching motorway junction. From there follow the A99 (towards Salzburg) to the nearby Munich-Fröttmaning-North (AS 12b) exit. To avoid congestion at Munich-Fröttmaning-South, please follow the signs at the Neufahrn junction.
    • Directions by motorway from Franz Josef Strauß airport: A92 towards Munich, motorway junction Neufahrn to the A9 towards Munich, motorway exit Fröttmaning. Please follow the signs. Travel time: Depending on traffic conditions, approx. 25 minutes. Distance: 30 kilometres.
    • Coming from the south or east via the A99, change to the A9 (towards Munich) at Munich-North motorway junction and follow it to the exit Munich-Fröttmaning-South (AS 73).
    • Coming from the city: take the A9 (Munich - Nuremberg) to Munich-Fröttmaning-South exit (AS 73) or follow the Ingolstädter Strasse to Munich-Neuherberg junction, take the A99 and follow it to Munich-Fröttmaning-North exit (AS 12b).


    Driving information

    Route map

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  • Taxis use the S1/S0 access, please follow the traffic guidance.


  • The administrative offices of the Allianz Arena are also open on non-matchdays.

    • Coming from Nuremberg or Munich centre, please take the A9 to the exit Fröttmaning. This leads to Werner-Heisenberg-Allee. Follow the signs to "Sonderausweis S1/S0". These lead to the entry control point at the eastern gate.
    • Coming from Stuttgart, take the A99 towards Salzburg. The exit leads to the north side of Werner-Heisenberg-Alle. Drive past the bus parks and follow the signs to "Sonderausweis S0/S1". The entry control point is to your right.


    Allianz Arena München Stadion GmbH
    Werner-Heisenberg-Allee 25
    80939 München

    Further information

    Allianz Arena Press Service

  • If you travel on non-matchdays our middle coach park (Busparkplatz Mitte) can be used for visitor parking. Please follow the traffic guidance signs.

    Using the middle coach park on matchdays or directly beforehand is not possible. Fan coaches use these parking lots from the early morning, so the lots cannot be used on the evening before a match. Please take account of our schedule when planning your visit. The gate closes at 7 pm on the day before a matchday.

    You can use the north coach park for your camping van on matchdays on presentation of your matchday ticket.

    Further informations

    Parking for Caravans

  • The Allianz Arena is easily accessible by bike via a recommended route. The route from Marienplatz in Munich city centre to the Allianz Arena in Fröttmaning is mostly flat and 10.7 kilometres long.

    At the start of the 2005/2006 Bundesliga season, the highways committee erected signage along the illuminated night route. The signs conform to Munich's familiar Radlnetz cycle network and feature a football symbol and the Arena logo, as well as showing the remaining distance in kilometres.

    The cycle route Marienplatz – Allianz Arena in detail:

    Marienplatz - Residenzstraße - Odeonsplatz - Ludwigstraße - Leopoldstraße - Ungererstraße - Situlistraße - Hofreiterweg - Georg-Wopfner-Straße - Harnierplatz - Edmund- Rumpler-Straße - Lilienthalallee - Kieferngartenstraße - Burmesterstraße - Werner- Heisenberg-Allee - P+R-Parkhaus Fröttmaning - Allianz Arena

    Further information

    The route to the Arena in the Munich Radlnetz

Parking at the Allianz Arena

The Allianz Arena car parks are closed on non-matchdays. Special opening hours may apply. Please have a look at the current information and advice on our website.

  • Centre coach park (non-match days)
    Opening times: Open all day, ticket machines available.
    Parking fees:
    First 45 minutes free.

    Parking fees per day on non-match days, 45+ minutes:
    Cars: (including vans, camper vans and trailers) €5
    Busses/Coaches: €15
    Over night: (camper vans and trailers) per night: €15
    Payment: The pay machine is located at the entrance, near the turnstiles. Payment is only possible in cash.


    • If travelling by coach or car please follow the displayed routes to the car parks, both in the built-up areas and on the motorways. Please use all available lanes when approaching the stadium.
    • We recommend you get to the stadium in good time.Don't arrive at the last minute. On matchdays the Allianz arena and the multi-storey car park open 2.5 hours before a Bayern Munich game and 2 hours before a TSV 1860 game.
    • Get an ArenaCard from the ticket boxes at the stadium entrance, from a pay station or one of theArenaCard sellers in and around the stadium.
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    • Parking fees (€ 10) can only be paid with an ArenaCard. Payment is made at the exit barriers. Please ensure you have sufficient credit on your card. If you do not have sufficient credit go to the ticket boxes at the stadium entrance, a pay station or one of theArenaCard sellers in and around the stadium.
    • Due to the high volume of traffic it is not possible for everybody to leave the car parks at the same time. We ask you to be patient and leave enough time for your journey home. Or avoid the queues by spending time after the game in one of our catering or leisure facilities. Or simply have a look around the stadium.

    • When leaving the car parks follow the traffic management system directions and use all available lanes.
    • Take the shortest route to the motorway. To ease the traffic flow do not turn round on the roads around the stadium!
    • Don't stop unnecessarily, and do keep things moving!

     Leaving via the München-Fröttmaning-Nord junction on the A99 motorway

    • Use the München-Fröttmaning-Nord junction to join the the A99 Munich ring motorway. From here you can save time and avoid stress to travel in any direction: to Stuttgart, into Munich city centre as well as to Nuremberg, Deggendorf/Passau and Salzburg.
    • If your destination is Munich or you want to take the A 96 Munich - Lindau or A 95 Munich - Garmisch-Partenkirchen use the nearby AS12a München-Neuherberg junction follow the B 13 (Ingolstädter Straße) towards Munich city centre and then follow the signs for the Mittlere Ring.
    • For Nuremberg or Deggendorf/Passau take the A 99 motorway to the AD11 Munich-Feldmoching intersection(AD 11) and change to the A 92 towards Deggendorf. At the AK4 Neufahrn intersection take the A9 for Nuremberg or straight on for Deggendorf/Passau .
    • Turn off the next junction Munich-Neuherberg (AS 12a) for the München- Süd intersection, the A 8 Munich - Salzburg or the A 94 Munich - Mühldorf - Simbach and travel back to the München-Nord intersection.

    Leaving via the München-Fröttmaning-Süd junction on the A 9

    • Leave via the München-Fröttmaning-Süd junction on the A 9 for both Munich city centre and all other routes via the München-Nord intersection. At the intersection follow the official directions.