Pay with Apple Pay

Continuous renewal and innovation have been hallmarks of the Allianz Arena since its inauguration in 2005. With the introduction of Apple Pay, FC Bayern Munich is once again moving with the times and now offers stadium visitors another modern and convenient payment system.

With Apple Pay, customers can pay easily, securely and quickly with their iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch using the contactless function at the Arena’s new NFC terminals.

How does Apple Pay work?

To pay with Apple Pay, you need an iPhone, iPad or a newer generation Apple Watch and an Apple-approved credit or debit card. This must be registered in the pre-installed Wallet app.

To pay, the device must be held up to the NFC terminal at the sales counter. The purchase is then authorised via Face-ID (face recognition), Touch-ID (finger scanner) or PIN entry on the Apple device.

Where can I pay with Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is available at all Allianz Arena sales points equipped with an NFC terminal for contactless payment. Terminals are available in all kiosks on levels 2 and 6, the Paulaner Fantreffs and the Arena Bistro, the FC BAYERN STORE as well as in all other FC Bayern fan shops on levels 2, 6 and the Esplanade.

It is not possible to pay via Apple Pay at the multi-storey car park exit or when purchasing from the mobile drinks vendors. The Arena Card is still required for this.

Information on cup deposits when paying by debit or credit card:

The deposit will be credited to your account when you return the cup and place your card back on the reader. Please note that this credit may take a few days to appear in your account depending on the bank.