Cashless payment


Cashless payment with the ArenaCard: Information for first-time visitors

Fans visiting the Allianz Arena for the first time need to become acquainted with the ArenaCard cashless payment system. Just like a debit card, the ArenaCard has a number of important and useful functions, but as it is equivalent to cash, it is non-refundable in case of loss.

Important notice for car park users (P1 – P3)

Parking charges must be paid with an ArenaCard at the exit barriers. This is the only method of payment. The matchday parking fee is €10. Please be sure to have at least €10 credited to your card before proceeding to the exit.

Buying your payment card

Don't forget to buy (or top-up) your card from the sales points on the Esplanade (on the approaches to the turnstiles). Alternatively, you can buy or top-up your card inside the Arena from the sales personnel or sales carts circulating within the stadium. As a rule, new cards are sold with a €10 credit.

The ArenaCard can be used for all purchases at the Allianz Arena. Cash is only accepted in the club shops on Level 2 and the Arena a la Carte restaurant on Level 3. When you present your ArenaCard at the kiosks, the value of your purchase is immediately deducted from the card.

Matchday parking

Parking fees are charged at the exit barriers when you leave. The charge is €10. Please make sure you have at least €10 credit on your ArenaCard to pay for parking. The ArenaCard is held up to the card reader to raise the barrier on exiting the car park.


  • You can top-up your card with amounts starting at €5 at six automatic pay stations next to kiosks 3, 5, 6, 9, 12 and 14. You may also transfer leftover amounts from a number of cards onto one card.
  • From the sales personnel circulating outside and inside the Arena (10, 20, 50 Euro cards). Sales personnel can only accept € notes. You may transfer credits from a number of cards onto a single card at the Esplanade ticket sales points (on the approach to the stadium).
  • At the Esplanade ticket sales points (on the approach to the stadium before reaching the turnstiles). Euro coins and notes, EC cards and credit cards (VISA and MasterCard) are accepted for payment.
  • At the top-up points within the Arena on level E2 near the shops, kiosks and restaurants. Please note: payment may only be made with € notes.

Entry ticket / season ticket

Season ticket holders can enter the Arena via the turnstiles with the ArenaCard. The entrance system recognizes which “subscription” each fan has booked. The season ticket (with chip) also functions as an ArenaCard, which can be used as a payment and parking card. Normal tickets and standing season tickets are distributed as paper tickets with barcodes.


The remaining balance can be refunded in cash or transferred to a new card in the ticket canyon 3 hours before or up to 2 hours after the end of the match.

By post

Please send your ArenaCard to Allianz Arena Payment GmbH, Werner-Heisenberg-Alle 25, 80939 München. A processing charge of 1 € will be subtracted from your refund.


You can check the validity of your purchase on the back of your ArenaCard. It is valid until the end of one Bundesliga season, for example 2011/2012 or 2012/2013. Left-over credits on your ArenaCard can be refunded in cash or transferred to your account up to two years after expiry (cutoff date: 30 June).

Example I: Valid until the end of the 2009/10 Bundesliga season – remaining credit can be refunded or transferred until the end of the 2011/12 Bundesliga season.

Example II: Valid until the end of the 2011/12 Bundesliga season – remaining credit can be refunded or transferred until the end of the 2013/14 Bundesliga season.

Transfer to a new card: New cards are available at the automatic and mobile pay stations on levels E2 and E6, in the ticket canyon on the Esplanade or from our service personnel.
Left-over credits on the expired card can be transferred to the new card at the pay stations and the ticket canyon on the Esplanade.

Refunds: Checkouts are available in the three ticket canyons (south-east, south-west and north) on match days.

Refunds cannot be issued outside of match days. However, credits can be transferred to another card via the special ArenaCard machines.

Cash refunds can only be issued on match days!

You can also send us the card via post. The monetary equivalent of the remaining credit will then be transferred on to your account (processing charge: €1) For more information please read our Terms and Conditions.

Further information

Terms and conditions of Allianz Arena Payment GmbH for the use of the ARENA CARD