Card payment at the Allianz Arena

Customer service is a priority at FC Bayern München. The Allianz Arena responded to fans’ requests and introduced new matchday payment methods in December 2018. Alongside the Arena Card, payment by credit or debit card – both NFC contactless and chip and pin – is possible in many areas.

A new-generation credit or debit card is required to use the new payment service with NFC (near field communication) technology. The card just needs to be held a few centimetres over the payment terminal and the amount will be automatically debited. Alternatively, credit or debit cards can be inserted and used for payment.

Where can I pay by card on matchday?

As of now, payment by credit or debit card is possible in the following areas of the Allianz Arena:

Payment by credit or debit card is not possible in the following areas:

  • The exit of the car park (Arena Card only – changes planned for the 2019/20 season)
  • Mobile bars (currently Arena Card only)